‘Fitness is my Sickness’ Gym Helps Women Reach Wellness Goals


By Edward Henderson

edward-1-150x150Imagine what it would feel like to get paid for doing something you love that helps others become a greater version of themselves. How big would your smile be when get out of bed in the morning? How would you react to the constant out pour of appreciation and enthusiasm coming from your clients? These are questions Danielle King is happy to ponder over as she prepares to teach her classes at her gym ‘Fitness is my Sickness’.

Opening its doors in December of 2015, King’s gym targets women who are looking to make their fitness dreams a reality. Located on 7502 El Cajon Blvd., King offers a variety of personal training and group classes within a safe space to not only develop her client’s bodies, but every other aspect of their lives that stem from a healthier lifestyle.

“My core message is how you do one thing is how you do everything,” said King. “I wholeheartedly believe you can’t give 100 percent in everything else you’re doing if you’re not taking care of your body.”

With the many chain gyms in San Diego County, King prides the environment an all-women’s gym creates along with the personal attention she provides to separate her from the pack.

“These days you can Google exercises to do online. The difference here is why they clients keep coming back. I give them that personal attention. In our group classes, you build a report with the other ladies. You’re going to find a friend in the class, and you’re being fed motivation from so many different angles.”

Originally from Florida, King’s fitness journey began when she was living with her military based husband in Japan. She joined a CrossFit gym there and fell in love with the challenge it presented. Being the only black woman in the class, many thought she wouldn’t stay long, but it only fueled King more. She eventually began training women in Japan, which planted the seed in her mind to become a trainer full time.

When King arrived in San Diego two years ago, she began training women in her garage. As the classes grew, she got certified and moved to a small studio before eventually solidifying the El Cajon Blvd. location.

Utilizing the concepts she learned from her CrossFit training, King and her instructors create custom workouts to keep clients on their toes and excited about trying new techniques.

“What I do is attack the same muscles each week, but you do a different move. You don’t become stagnant or complacent. That’s why I tell ladies that there isn’t any excuse to not put the work in for the results they want.”

Community is very important to King and utilized her client’s opinions to vote on a name for the new gym.

“I pride myself on listening peoples input to get commitment vs compliance. I casually mentioned ‘Fitness is my Sickness’ in the group and all of the ladies really liked it. So that’s what we went with.”

Along with her training, King participates in bikini competitions to challenge herself even more and build a fitness community around the showcases.

“I always wanted to do it, but I didn’t think I could. I was so happy I did because so many ladies have come to me for help with it. It became another component to my business.”

Above all, King loves to see her clients transcend their previous limitations using their new dedication to their fitness and well-being at the gym.

“It’s almost like getting paid twice. To see these ladies stay focused and reach their fitness goal, gain confidence and see that trickle over into their relationships and workplace. Just that positive piece of it is enough and it uplifts me too. It’s crazy how when you see a lady lose 30 pounds and her whole demeanor changes.”

To learn more about the offerings from ‘Fitness is my Sickness’ visit their website at www.fitnessismysicknesswomen.com



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