How to overcome the Ego and tap into the Soul


By Jeaneva Rose

We must realize that the ego thrives on trapping us in stress and pain. It separates us from the love our soul so desperately wants. But we have the ability to overcome it and create our own spiritual reality regardless of the ego’s power. We have more power than the ego could ever fathom which is why it works constantly to destroy you. The first step in overcoming your ego is learning how to identify it. Here are some of the different traits between the ego and the soul:

Ego Traits: ‘Me’ mentality, separation, blame, hostility, resentment, pride, complain, jealousy, anger, power, materialism, past/future oriented, self-denial, social intolerance.

Soul Traits: ‘We’ mentality, unity, understanding, love, humble, spiritualism, wisdom, peace, tolerance, humble, co-happiness, gratitude.

After you’ve identified the different traits between the ego and the soul, it’s time to take the steps to overcome ego and provide self-care the soul.  

How to overcome Ego:

1.      Choose love in difficult situations. Whenever were afraid, its proof we’ve turned our backs on love. Start telling yourself “if love did not create this, it is not real.”

2.      Never complain. It keeps us locked in negativity as this becomes the reason for self-hatred, self-disgust, and self-sabotage.

3.      Work on being grateful for every little thing. Begin pouring endless amounts of gratitude into your heart.

Self-care for the Soul:

1.      Create a morning routine

2.      Do something creative

3.      Practice meditation

4.      Define what gives you stress

5.      Make a gratitude list

6.      Create a new evening routine

7.      Write down who you need to forgive

8.      Write a love letter to yourself

9.      Repeat positive affirmations

10.  Define some short term goals

You are made of limitless possibilities. You have the power to be anyone, go anywhere and do anything you want. Once you awaken to this, you will begin to fly. The destruction of the ego is a journey, not a destination. You just have to begin with the truth that you’ve already arrived.


Your ‘Lady in the Universe’  

Jeaneva is the host of a monthly meetup called ‘Ladies of the Universe’. The group is focused on empowering people to have a greater sense of self love and acceptance. You can contact Jeaneva with questions or inquiries on the next Ladies of the Universe meeting via e-mail at



  1. Jeaneva Rose salutations to the Divinity within you and thank you for a great article. That light is and always has been within us so when in a dark tunnel use the soul and not the mind because it gives the stability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The infinite power of our light gives us the courage to explore even the darkness of a tunnel where we discover that it is our light at the end, and the tunnel is a figment of our mind. When this happens we can bring our light to humanity to make a difference in the world letting our soul burn freely shining and radiating outward allowing us to live our life the way we see fit.


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