LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Young Leaders Conduct Father’s Day Food Drive


By Brian Goodin, Contributing Writer
Photos by Brian Goodin

A Father’s Day gift of giving and love came a day early on Saturday, June 20th for many families in the San Diego area. In the area of Lemon Grove and Encanto it was delivered, in part, by members of some outstanding contributing organizations like House of Restoration, San Diego 2K, Young Black & N’ Business, and San Diego Hip Hop Health Wellness 5K & Festival. The offices of Project AWARE hosted the food drive just outside of their Lemon Grove location. Project Aware and their core group of young members, all leaders within themselves, fed at least 400 hundred families who drove up to receive food and supplies.

It was not so much the free items, made up of such well stocked boxes and packages of food including wheat, grains and other eatables, nor was it the necessity of giving away masks and gloves in times like these that make a huge difference for so many families. It was the giving of themselves. The generosity of these young and aging volunteers, ranging in age from 10 to 60, seemed to have had the greatest impact on the blissful atmosphere witnessed on Saturday.

Reginald Washington is CEO and Founder of Project A.W.A.R.E enterprises, the acronym meaning “Attitude When Angry and Resolving Emotional Issues NON-Violently.” Project A.W.A.R.E is one of many organizations in Southeast San Diego aimed at our youth through teaching and mentorship in the direction of healthy, happy, productive living. Reginald had this to say about the day’s event, “We had a chance to do what we do best and that is serving our community. I’m very proud of everyone who stepped up to help out.”

Also attending the food drive and lending a helping hand was congressional candidate Sarah Jacobs and School Board candidate Dr. LaWana Richmond. Richmond lent an ear to young volunteers in a conversation after the food drive on things that can make for a better educational system. Last, but not least, volunteer Byron Flowers said, “I came out to be a part of this with the Hip Hop 5K team to make sure they hit the mark for all the beautiful families they intended to feed.”

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