Lisa Darlene Robbins

Lisa Darlene Robbins
March 26, 1961 – December 16, 2016
Lisa Darlene Robbins was born to the late Ms. Johnnie B Gee in San Diego, California on March 26, 1961. She completed her formal education here in San Diego, attending Emerson Elementary, Gompers Preparatory Academy and Lincoln High School. “Lisa” or “Ms. Lisa” to many, she was simply “Mama” to us. But she was so much more. Lisa loved children and it wasn’t long before she opened a daycare in her home. As a single mother, she was strong. Determined she was and sometimes independent to a fault. She loved her children and her grandchildren. She loved purple, plants, flowers, and huge rocks. She really loved the rain. Most importantly, she loved God. Knowing this makes her loss just slightly less painful. She knew that when she left this world, she would be returned to the kingdom of God.

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