Local Gym Focuses on Working Out, Not “Hanging Out”


Article and Photos by Brian Goodin

Throughout the city and county of San Diego, there are many gyms for hire, however, very few inspire and transform lives the same as Body By Discipline Gym. Located in Lemon Grove on Broadway, this storefront gym is owned by two African American siblings, Jacques and Chris Lumkin.

Natives of Southeast San Diego, the brothers are graduates from San Diego State University and New Mexico State University respectfully, and have taken their passion for helping people literally. Once student athletes, they now impress their philosophy onto their students. Their philosophy is “It’s about working out, NOT hanging out.” Their ability to get things done in the gym has had an impact on noteworthy individual, such as NBA star Kawhi Leonard and San Diego’s own WNBA Charde Houston, just to name a few. who have trained with the brothers. In addition, previous NBA star and Lincoln High School graduate Dominique McGuire has also been known to come through the facility to workout.

The brothers promote fitness for all ages in a family friendly environment. Jacques certainly has a solution for youth delinquency, he has worked 9 years in Juvenile Hall and runs another business called Prevention Before Detention. His educational background, along with his experience with at risk youth is making great contributions to our community. In addition, he works with the San Diego County Park and Recreation Department and teams up with multiple agencies like Fostercare and the court system to bring the community a healthy, loving solution for positive change. Thank you Lumkin brothers!

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