National Association of Real Estate Brokers hosts Inaugural Meeting of the Year

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The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) held their first meeting of 2017 honoring and recognizing their membership with their accomplishments and achievements for 2016 and setting the foundation for 2017 adopting the theme “The Best is Yet to Come”

NAREB President Denise Matthis interviewed REALTIST Top Producer Lani Sylvas with Coldwell Banker West who shared “Her Story” and her mission, passion and how her career in real estate has evolved. Also interviewed was REALTIST Cecilie Nelson, Community Service Commissioner with the City of Temecula whose community involvement started because she was “excluded” and not included.

Each REALTIST member presented their passion for joining NAREB and their goals of helping other rebuild wealth thru homeownership thru Advocacy, Activism and Action as they move forward with the initiative given by the National Office of “2 Million New Black Homeowners in Five Years”.

California Association of Real Estate Brokers President, Steve Peterson of Oakland, California delivered the message of “Why NAREB” and reinforced the mission of taking the lead of rebuilding “Black Wealth thru Homeownership”

A special presentation from the Greater San Diego Association of Realtor Director Mark Powell, also an adjunct Professor and recently elected to the County School Board was presented to Frances K. Jackson, Realtist Pioneer. It was befitting that Powell, presented the Realtor Emeritus Certificate to Jackson, also an Adjunct Professor on the Association of Realtors campus where she was one of the first Blacks “allowed” to join the Realtor Association in San Diego.

NAREB was founded in 1947 out of the need to represent people of color in homeownership when they were not allowed to sit at the table of the white Realtor Board. NAREB President Denise Matthis currently serves on the Greater San Diego Association of Realtor Board as a Director where Mr. Theo Logan, of Logan Realty, served as the first Black President of the Association of Realtors in 1978.

The local chapter of NAREB was founded in 2009 and they currently conduct home buyer seminars and financial literacy workshops working with other non-profits in the County.  For upcoming events visit our website

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