New Assurance Baptist Church Installs their New Pastor

The service was held at the Marina Village Convention Center with more than 150 members and guests in attendance.  


PHOTOS: Conita Butts

By Conita Butts, Church Liaison Journalist

PHOTOS: Conita Butts

New Assurance Baptist Church installed their new pastor, Senior Pastor Jared B. Moten, in an installation service Sunday, September 18, 2022.  The service was held at the Marina Village Convention Center with more than 150 members and guests in attendance.  

The celebration started with a plated meal and concluded with a spirited dedication worship service. The well-organized event was coordinated by committee members, Deacon Tony Conwright and Deacon Michael Boyd. There were performances by the New Assurance Youth Praise Dancers, the choir. The mistress of ceremony was Marla Cooper Andres. A warm welcome was given by Lorietta Conwright, and guest speaker for the event was Reverend J. A. Conner, Sr. Pastor of Second Baptist Church in El Centro. There were several pastors in attendance that administered the charges: Revered, Dr. Edward Johnson of New Horizon Baptist Church; Reverend Donnell Townsend, Senior Pastor of Pilgrim Progressive Baptist Church and Revered; and Dr. Edward Flowers, Pastor of Freewill Missionary Baptist Church.

PHOTOS: Conita Butts

Pastor Moten is no stranger to pastorship.  He was mentored by the late Pastor Rickey Laster. He has since served at New Assurance as Assistant Pastor, working in the Youth Department, Prayer Ministry, and general laborer.

When asked about his vision for New Assurance, he shared the following: “It is an honor and blessing to be named pastor of New Assurance Baptist Church. We are looking to become more inclusive in the community. What that means is we are a ministry that is a transforming ministry. We will continue our food and clothing drives, trying to uplift the community in any way possible.  We are also very focused on voting.” 

He went on to share that he wants to work closely with the youth. 

“We look to bolster our youth, so they’ll have a better understanding of who they are. Each Sunday we do a moment in Black history so they will understand where they come from; it gives them the vision to where God would have them to be,” Pastor Moten said.

Pastor Moten shared his thoughts and concerns regarding the church and the community.

PHOTOS: Conita Butts

“The African American church used to be the cornerstone of the African American community. We’ve grown away from it, and we are looking to going back to that where the church would be the bedrock of information. We have a generation now, almost two generations, that are completely unchurched. We have an obligation to reach out in order that the church may be back in its rightful position.”

Reverend Moten indeed has a vision for the church and the support of members of New Assurance Baptist Church.