New Dating App Puts Premium on Non Negotiables


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By Edward Henderson

First dates can be nerve wracking, but every once and a while you get swept off of your feet by the potential of someone you’ve met. The butterflies in your stomach are dropping deposits and applying for pertinent residence, fantasies of travel, deep conversation and future plans are dancing in your mind. While all of this is great, San Diego based entrepreneur and life coach Angela Harris implores us to remember our non-negotiables before we jump off the cliff into an ocean of what we think is love.

To do this, Harris has created a new dating app called ‘Non Negotiable’. It asks important questions surrounding the things that you refuse to negotiate when it comes to love and relationships while matching you up with others who share the same views.

“My whole desire has been speaking life in to women and always doing it from a relationship standpoint and holding women to own their truth,” said Harris. It’s all about you owning what you say is important to you and not settling anything less than people who will respect and honor what your truth is.”

The app, which is available now on android and will be launching for iPhone next week, opens with a questionnaire to identify what’s important to you in various categories related to dating and relationships. Along with the dating component, the app’s additional function is to educate people on the nuances of who they really are and provide advice on how to become the best versions of themselves before bringing someone else into their lives.

Another interesting twist to the app that makes it different from others is that users will not be able to upload a photo on their profiles. Harris made this decision in order to eliminate some of the superficial mistakes that can be made while looking for a partner.

“People can easily get caught up in looks and not listen to what’s being said. With this app, users can know on the first day as to what the thoughts and views on certain things are instead of having trivial conversations without getting to the heart of who you really are.”

Harris is entering into a $2 billion industry with over 1,500 sites. The success of the industry has given her confidence that Non Negotiable will carve a niche even though she’s never been on a dating app herself.

“I have never used a dating app. My goal of doing this is because of the success stories I’ve heard from people doing it. It’s a huge business of people who are meeting and connecting that way. I may even become more engaged with it as the app grows and speak from a different standpoint.”

Harris has trademarked the phrase non-negotiable and is the only person who can benefit financially from its use as a name of a business. She also plans on doing focus groups and driving traffic to the app via social media for feedback. To learn more about Harris’ app, visit


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