No “Entanglements or Baggage” declares Sam Bedwell, Candidate for the San Diego City Council’s 9th District Seat


By Dr. Maxine Sherard
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In a February 17, 2020 San Diego Union-Tribune article, Sam Bedwell is listed as one of seven candidates running for the 9th district seat that includes the neighborhoods of City Heights, College area, Kensington, Talmadge and Mountain View. The Union-Tribune has endorsed his candidacy for the 9th City Council seat.

Mr. Bedwell, in addition to being a business owner has, for the past four or more years overseen and managed the health care and financial assets of the late Dr. Carrol W. Waymon, who recently passed on January 3, 2020.

Dr. Waymon, an educator, psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist, writer, philosopher and poet is recognized, both locally and nationally as a major leader and activist in areas that encompassed racial injustice/inequality, civil rights and human rights. In 1964, he was hired by the city of San Diego as its first director of Citizens Interracial Committee (CIC). He established the Black Studies Department at San Diego State University and, from 1990 to 2008 served as president of the Association of Black Psychologist.

Many questions are currently being raised about Mr. Bedwell’s handling of Dr. Waymon’s health care, estate and affairs.

Dr. Waymon’s sister, Mrs. Frances Waymon Fox stated, “As the next of kin to my brother, Dr. Carrol Walter Waymon, who died January 3, 2020 at age 94, in San Diego, CA., I am very concerned that Elder Financial Abuse and Elder Neglect has occurred at the hands of Sam Bedwell who has refused to account for Dr. Waymon’s assets, including multiple transfers of Dr. Waymon’s Real Property and being evicted from his assisted living residence!”
As a Trustee listed on “The Living Trust and Will of Carrol W. Waymon” and on “The Dr. Carrol Waymon Living Trust,” I join Mrs. Frances Fox in requesting an investigation into Mr. Sam Bedwell’s mishandling of Dr. Waymon’s affairs!


  1. Hello Dr. Sherard
    I would like to sit with you and share the information and evidence I have on Sam Bedwell. I was involved in his campaign and officially resigned due to ethical and integrity issues. You can contact me at the email address:


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