Now Is the Time To Prepare and Vote


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

With the twin issues of the Coronavirus and Donald Trump, November 3rd is closer than most of us think. While the San Diego County Registrar of Voters has not done all it claims in terms of outreach and preparing us to vote, it is up to each of us to take steps to ensure that our votes are counted.

First, we can check and make sure we are registered as voters. If in doubt, we can get a voter registration card, usually from the Post Office. If you can’t find one, then contact the Voice & Viewpoint and we will tell you where to locate one near where you live or we will prepare to have forms at our office which we can hand to you through the door. For the safety of all, no need to come inside.

The national importance of this election is found in the number of noted and seasoned Republicans pledging their support to Vice President Joe Biden. It appears that more and more people understand the danger to America as a nation, and to many of us individually, in having Donald Trump get a second term as President of these United States. But be sure to understand that if we ignore the importance of our votes, he can get re-elected.

This year the entire state of California will be voting by mail as will many other states because of the dangers of the virus associated with in-person voting. In California, online Voter Registration is available at:

“RegisterToVote.CA.Gov.” One must be prepared to provide:

(1) California Drivers License or California I.D.

(2) Last four numbers of your Social Security Number and your Date of Birth

The mailing out of Ballots begins on October 10th and voter registration is available until 15 days before the November 3, 2020 election day. If for some reason you can’t personally vote, then you can make sure, as your own personal project, that someone you know who might not otherwise have registered to vote, does so.

Who you vote for is a personal issue. Don’t vote for people you don’t know because you like their smile or the sound of their names. Every vote counts. In the last election there were several places where the victory came down to one vote.

While there will be local races, state congressional races and propositions on our ballots, let’s be serious about each vote we cast. In the weeks ahead, the Voice & Viewpoint will be providing analysis and recommendations on candidates and propositions. Please don’t let the delay in our doing so keep you from registering to vote. Remember, all the protest in the world against Donald Trump means nothing if we don’t vote.

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