Dr. John Warren is the Publisher of the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, a 58-year-old nationally award-winning publication. Dr. Warren and his late wife and co-publisher, Gerri Warren (emeritus), worked diligently in the community to make the publication what the people want.

For more than five decades, The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint has faithfully reported on news from an African-American perspective and African-American communities of San Diego County, from small church gatherings to major political campaigns. As San Diego’s largest African American publication, our news features have highlighted people and events in a more comprehensive manner, while commentators have argued from different points of view in the lively op-ed pages. The Voice & Viewpoint has grown over the last decade to over 350 newsstands and outlets in convenience stores. Our publication can be found in all 89 zip codes of San Diego and has readership of over 60,000.

Dr. John Warren
Head Honcho
Dr. John E. Warren is the Head Honcho, and esteemed Publisher of The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper, which is in its 58th year of publishing. Email: jwarren@sdvoice.info
Sabine Kepler
Money Bags
Sabine Kepler, serves as the administrator of all things finance for The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper. This includes taking your money and distributing it. For billing inquiries please contact her directly, any time at (619) 266-2233 EXT. 103. Email: sabine@sdvoice.info
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Edward Henderson
Runnin' Digital Thangs
Edward Henderson serves as the Digital Managing Editor of The San Diego Voice and Viewpoint's online presence, and specializes in writing our "Feautres". Email: edward@sdvoice.info
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Fiorella Hodgman
The Picky One
Fiorella Hodgman is the Senior Graphic Designer for The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper, bringing years of experience to her position. She is responsible for ensuring that all of the photography, advertisements and articles are displayed in all of their glory. Email: fiorella@sdvoice.info
Quentin Davis
Graphic Gangsta
Quentin Davis serves as a member of the graphic design team for The San Diego Voice and Viewpoint Newspaper. Quentin brings years of experience when it comes to handling the ink. Email: quentin@sdvoice.info
Darrel Wheeler
That Sports Guy
Darrel Wheeler is The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper's Senior Sports Writer. Darrel is about everything sports in San Diego, and takes great pride in highlighting the sports news about our youth. You can also find him snapping away at church events, birthdays and other fun gatherings. Contact him directly to purchase pictures. Email: dwheelz2@hotmail.com
Brandon Johnson
ArtOfficial Image Creator
Brandon Johnson is a seasoned photographer and journalist, who has been mastering the lens for a decade. He shoots it all - from weddings to head shots, and community events. Hit him up! Email: brandonadamsjohnson@gmail.com
Mike Norris
Photographer Extraordinaire
Mike Norris has been lending his skills to The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint for over 15 years. A true advocate for the people, "Uncle Mike" as he's affectionately called, is known in San Diego for capturing some amazing moments Want him to shoot your next event? Send him an email. Email: imageseed@gmail.com
Barbara Smith
Theatre and Music Enthusiast
Barbara Smith is a true lover of the arts, reporting on local and national theatre and concerts for The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint for years. If you missed a show, no worries - her reviews and coverage make the words jump right off the page. Email: bsmith@sdvoice.info
Steve Peterson
Jotting Journalist #1
Master Chef Photographer and teller of amazing stories, Steve Peterson is active in the community and connected to the heartbeat of it. Email: eyegatephotography@gmail.com
JoAnn Fields
Community Connoisseur
JoAnn Fields is an active member of the San Diego community, who's ear is always to the ground. From sports to social gatherings to concerts, JoAnn can be found shooting photos and writing stories that matter. joann@sdvoice.info
Keith King
Sports Enthusiast
Keith is a lover of sports, and writes articles ranging from games to sportsman profiles.

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