Where To Find Our Newspaper

Newspaper Outlets  (PARTIAL LISTING):


South County

Newsstand: Golden Doughnut Shop at 36 N. Euclid Avenue, National City

Newsstand: Wrigley’s Market at 34 N. Euclid Avenue, San Diego

Newsstand: Paradise Valley Hospital at 2400 E. 4th Street, National City

Newsstand: Family House of Pancakes at 1900 E. Plaza Blvd, National City

Newsstand: Mississippi Style Cooking at 8300 Paradise Valley Rd.

Newsstand: Kaiser at 3955 Bonita Road, Bonita

Newsstand: CVS Pharmacy – SEC I- 805 & H St, Chula Vista

Newsstand: Southwestern College at 900 Otay Lakes Road, Chula Vista

Newsstand: Kaiser Hospital at 4650 Palm Ave, San Diego

Newsstand: Post Office at 440 W San Ysidro Blvd

Newsstand: Starbucks at 635 Saturn Blvd, San Diego

Newsstand: Sav-A-Lot at 573 Palomar & 3rd

Newsstand: Scripps Hospital at 435 H Street, Chula Vista

Newsstand: Chula Vista Library at 365 F St & 3rd, Chula Vista

Newsstand: Marie Calendar at 330 F Street, Chula Vista

Newsstand: South County Regional Courthouse at 500 3rd Avenue, Chula Vista

Newsstand: Post Office 16th & Highland at 710 E. 16th Street, National City

Newsstand: Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church at 1728 S. 39th St (Delta & 39 St)


East County

Newsstand: Post Office at 401 W. Lexington, El Cajon

Newsstand: Vons at 1255 Avocado Road, El Cajon

Newsstand: Superior Court at 250 E. Main Street, El Cajon

Newsstand: Grossmont Hospital at 5555 Grossmont Ctr. Drive, La Mesa

Newsstand: CVS Pharmacy at 5500 Grossmont Center Drive, La Mesa

Newsstand: Grossmont College at 8800 Grossmont College Drive, El Cajon

Newsstand: CVS Pharmacy at 9730 Mission Gorge Road, Santee (near Mission Gorge Road, N. Cuyamaca Street)

Newsstand: Vons at 8011 University Avenue, La Mesa

Newsstand: Alvarado Hospital at 6655 Alvarado Road, San Diego

Newsstand: Vons at 5630 Lake Murray, La Mesa

Newsstand: CVS Pharmacy at 7393 Jackson Drive, La Mesa

Newsstand: Bus Stop at Grossmont Center

Newsstand: Starbucks at 9809 Campo Road, Spring Valley

Newsstand: CVS Pharmacy at 3749 Avocado Blvd, La Mesa

Newsstand: Sycuan Casino (main entrance) at 5469 Casino Way, El Cajon

Over the Counter: Chevron Gas Station at 2615 Sweetwater Springs Blvd, Spring Valley

Newsstand: Family Foods Market at 2780 Sweetwater Springs Blvd., Spring Valley

Newsstand: Horeshoe Liquor at 949 Grand Avenue, Spring Valley

Newsstand: Vons at 933 Sweetwater Road, Spring Valley

Over the Counter: 7-Eleven at 1075 Elkelton Blvd, Spring Valley

Newsstand: Yum Yum Donuts at 8518 Jamacah Road, San Diego


West San Diego 

Newsstand: Post Office  at 1140 Wall & Ivanhole, La Jolla

Newsstand: VA Hospital at 3350 La Jolla Village Drive, La Jolla

Newsstand: Pacific Beach Post Office at 4640 Cass Street, San Diego

Newsstand: Point Loma Post Office at 2931 Canon St., San Diego 

Newsstand: County Bldg at 3851 Rosecrans St, San Diego

Newsstand: Ocean Beach Post Office at 4833 Santa Monica Ave.,  San Diego


North San Diego 

Newsstand: Starbucks at 4134 Adams Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Rite Aid at 3650 Adams Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Adams Ave Post Office at 3288 Adams Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Lee’s Shoe & Boot Repair at 5160 Waring Rd, San Diego

Newsstand: Kaiser 4647 Zion Ave San Diego, CA

Newsstand: 7-Eleven at 9187 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Newsstand: Upscale Hair Gallery at 9910 Mira Mesa Blvd, Ste E

Newsstand: Post Office at 9501 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego

Newsstand: Post Office at William Taft: 5052 Clairemont Dr, San Diego

Newsstand: Neighborhood House at 5000 Copley Ave San Diego ‎

Newsstand: Clairemont Traffic Court Complex at 8950 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Newsstand: Sunny Donuts at  9330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd


San Diego 

Newsstand: Louisiana Fried Chicken and Waffles 2850 National Avenue, San Diego CA Unit #109

Newsstand: Popeye’s Chicken at 6095 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA ‎

Newsstand: Post Office at 6401 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA ‎

Newsstand: SDSU 5500 Campanile Dr., San Diego, CA  Parking Lot 20

Bus Stop (by Post Office in College Grove)

Newsstand: Ross 3450 College Ave, San Diego,  (inside College Grove Shopping Ctr.)

Newsstand: Coco’s Restaurant at 3443 College Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: AM/PM at College Ave. and  Federal,  Lemon Grove

Newsstand: Big K Market – 6196 Federal Blvd., San Diego

Newsstand: AM/PM Arco at 2717 Lemon Grove Ave, Lemon Grove

Bronze Beauty Salon at 4965 Imperial Ave., San Diego

Over the Counter: Valencia Market at 5061 Imperial Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Jean McKinney Apartments at 5641 Imperial Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: St. Stephens Sr. Apartments at 5625 Imperial Ave, San Diego

Newsstand: Earl B. Gillian Post Office at 5505 Stevens Way San Diego

Newsstand: BCA at 6125 Imperial Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Salaams Fish at 6257 Imperial Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Food Bargain at 6261 Imperial Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Imperial Barber Shop at 6377 Imperial Ave, San Diego

Newsstand: Imperial Foods Supermarket at 6503 Imperial Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Howell Liquor at 69th Imperial Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Big Value Market at 623 69th Imperial Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Liquor Mart at 2643 Cypress, San Diego

Newsstand: AM/PM Arco at 54th & Euclid Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Sprouts & 99 Store at 3205 Lemon Grove Ave., Lemon Grove

Newsstand: Lemon Grove Pawn Broker at 7920 Broadway,  Lemon Grove

Newsstand: Rock Liquor at 7161 Broadway Ave.,  Lemon Grove


Newsstand: Rainbow Market at 4727 Federal Blvd, San Diego

Newsstand: Parry Liquor at 5837 Market Street, San Diego

Newsstand:  Sun Dance Mini Mart at 4689 Market St., San Diego

Newsstand: Talia’s Liquor at 5837 Market Street, San Diego

Newsstand:  Food-4-Less at 312 Euclid Ave., San Diego

Newsstand:  J&J Market at 5036 Imperial Ave., San Diego

Newsstand: Homeland Gas at 4704  Imperial Ave. (&  47th St.) San Diego

Newsstand:  ECC at 4343 Ocean View Blvd., San Diego

Newsstand:  Palavra Tree at 1212 S 43rd St # C,  San Diego

Newsstand: Bel-Air Market at 4473 Logan Ave, San Diego

Newsstand: Sundance Liquor at 909 47th & Logan Ave., San Diego


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