San Diego Jazz Festival Premiere’s THIS WEEKEND!!


charlie-wilsonThis weekend, San Diego will host one of the largest gatherings of music – The San Diego Jazz Festival. The three-day, star-studded event will feature marquee names and musicians from contemporary jazz and R&B performing classics and hits from today. This is the first 3-day jazz festival that San Diego will host and boasts a stellar line up as well as many activities and parties throughout the weekend.
Payne Pest Management, a minority-owned business and husband and wife team, has invested a great amount of time and money to put on this monumental 3-day event. There have been several Jazz festivals held in San Diego in the past, including the Cool Jazz Festival held in the 1980s that took place in the Downtown San Diego, Gaslamp area. Radio station Smooth Jazz 98.1 also held Jazz festivals in the past, but none on the scale of the one slated for this weekend.
This festival will include Charlie Wilson, Kem and Dominic Amato headlining on Friday night, May 24; Brian Culbertson, Ledisi, Jonathan Butler, Sheila E. and Elan Trotman, Eric Darius and Larry Braggs, Kim Waters and Phil Perry and DW3 on Saturday, May 25; Brian McKnight, Will Downing, Norman Brown, Kirk Whalum and Rick Braun, Jessy J, Jonathan Fritzen and Michael Lington and Nick Colionne on Sunday, May 26.
The 2013 San Diego Jazz Festival features a sit-down venue which can accommodate up to 5,000 attendees, also the first of this magnitude. Internet radio station plays almost exclusively Jazz and has featured 2-hour spotlights of each performer who will be performing in this year’s Festival in conjunction with their respective bios.’s own Tayari Howard will be one of the on-stage hosts for this weekend’s Jazz Festival.
Additional sponsors of the San Diego Jazz Festival include La Costa Resort & Spa, San Diego Reader, 94.7 The Wave, RadioFree 102.3F KJLM, Lites-Out with Kelly Cole, Visit Carlsbad, The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, produced by, Organic Go Bean Green Energy Coffee, Global Radio, Jadar Entertainment and kr@pr media.
The San Diego Jazz Festival aims to become an annual event and will bring additional opportunities for businesses of color to invest in their community.


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