San Diego Mayor / City Council Actions and the New Chief Operating Officer

Our publisher, Dr. John E. Warren expresses his concerns over former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and his appointees still having a say in San Diego's city development.


Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher, The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint. (Photo: SDV&V).

By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher, The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint

Elsewhere on this page, there are several Letters to the Editor concerning the Mayor and City Council appointing Jay Goldstone, former Chief Operating Officer (COO) over the Midway Development Project, as a consultant. There are several things wrong with this move as the Letters to the Editor make clear. 

First, the City of San Diego just confirmed the hiring of Mr. Eric Dargan, from Texas, the City’s new Chief Operating Officer with much praise for his ability. The selection of the person to oversee the Midway Development Project in terms of its cost, duration, and complexity should have rested with the very able-bodied new COO, who happens to be a Black man. Yet Goldstone was one of the people involved in the 101 Ash Street deal, which has turned out to be a case of corruption and embarrassment. There are perhaps too many former Mayor Jerry Sanders people still involved in making decisions for the city of San Diego.

If the City had enough confidence in Eric Dargan to hire him as Chief Operating Officer, then it should have enough confidence to allow him to make the difficult decisions that come with his job. These are no longer the days of the City-Manager form of government that once existed here and led to much corruption, such as the pension crisis. Jay Goldstone’s appointment and contract should be rescinded by the Mayor and the City Council with the City showing the respect and confidence in its new COO that was confessed at his hiring.