San Diego’s Black Attorneys’ Educate Youth on “What to Do If You Are Stopped by the Police”


A San Diego County African-American bar association, the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association (“EBGBA”), is commencing a series of important presentations to the youth at selected San Diego high schools on “What to Do If You Are Stopped by the Police.”
EBGBA President, Attorney Dennis W. Dawson, stated: “In the wake of the many tragedies occurring across the country with respect to police officer related homicides, especially those involving African-Americans, we decided early on to be very proactive on this issue. Although fair, objective, and thorough reviews of these homicides are mandatory, and although peaceful demonstrations are important to maintaining an appropriate focus on the problem, we cannot and we will not be relegated to just complaining after these homicides occur.”

EBGBA’s dual goals in this series of presentations are to impart as much advance information as possible to attendees about their rights when stopped by the police and to describe to them the  kinds of precautions they can use to attempt to ensure their personal safety. EBGBA’s presentations at the high schools are pro bono efforts with its project partners, the Legal Aid Society of San Diego. Atty. Dawson explained that he would emphasize safety in his remarks to attendees and that he would also serve as the moderator for each panel at the high school presentations. The next panel is May 28, 2015 3:30p.m. Lincoln High School Atty. Tomas Gayton
Contact: Atty. Dennis W. Dawson (619) 262-0158 or

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