SD V&V Honors Caribbean American Heritage Month


Photo: BlackPRWire

When we think about the Caribbean, the first image that comes to mind might be the sea life or the warmth of its people. Caribbean people and their descendants have made significant contributions to the history and culture of the United States. Since 2006, June has been designated as Caribbean American Heritage Month by Presidential Proclamation to promote the rich culture and heritage of the Caribbean American people.

Caribbean Americans have brought vibrant cultures, languages, traditions and values to our country, strengthening it and adding new chapters to our shared history. Some influential figures of U.S. history, like founding father Alexander Hamilton, Vice President Kamala Harris, Rihanna, Sidney Poitier, Cicely Tyson, and Colin Powell, are either immigrants or children of immigrants from the Caribbean regions.

June is our chance to acknowledge and celebrate this rich heritage and celebrate their spirit. (Black PR Wire)

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