SDUSD’s Finalists for Superintendent Speak with the Community


On Saturday, February 26th, San Diegans gathered at Wilson Middle School in City Heights to hear firsthand from Dr. Lamont Jackson and Dr. Susan Enfield, the two finalists for replacing SDUSD’s Former Superintendent Cindy Marten.

By Voice & Viewpoint Newswire

After Moderator Mr. Chris Miller acknowledged the audience, including Search Committee Members and finalists, Dr. Susan Enfield was the first to speak. Dr. Enfield expressed gratitude to the crowd for being with them. She then shared her background including a teaching career as a former HS in English Journalism and English Language Learner Teacher and Administrator, which eventually landed her in Washington State’s Highline School District.

During the introduction, Dr. Enfield mentioned how wonderful it was to meet with students – in reference to the Student Forum held prior to the Community Forum. Dr. Lamont Jackson thanked Dr. Susan Enfield, the Superintendent Search Committee Members, and others before stating that “This is Home” and what an honor it was for him to be with them today.

Under the tutelage of mentors within SDUSD, including Ms. Ida Henderson and Ms. Betty Olson, Dr. Jackson began his career as an instructional aide. Before his appointment as Interim Superintendent in January of 2021, Dr. Jackson served as Area Superintendent for SDUSD’s Area 2.

Dr. Jackson shared how his biracial background and struggles of not knowing who he was along with personal trauma drove him to becoming an educator. Dr. Jackson also mentioned that as educators, we have the responsibility to show up for our students’ His philosophy centers around Unbuntu- “I am because you are.”

On the Matter of Diversity
Dr. Jackson says “Our work has to serve the students who have been most marginalized in our district. And we need to be unapologetic about that. Our Black children, our Brown children, our multi-language learners, our students with disabilities have not been served to the level that they need to be served.” His statement was met with applause.

Dr. Enfield stated “I am going to start with the fact that I believe there is a role that policy plays here and I also believe there is a role even more important than that of walking the talk of that policy. I’ve been very proud to serve in Highline Public Schools which is a richly diverse school system. And the first district I believe in the State of Washington to adopt an Equity Policy back in 2010.”

On the Matter of Being Respected and Heard
Moderator Chris Miller asked a question about parents feeling welcomed. Mr. Miller shared how he recently experienced walking into a school where he felt disrespected and how would each finalist if selected as Superintendent handle that situation. Both candidates issued a personalized response and vowed to do better.

Want to learn more?
The video is also located on the District’s website where parents, students, employees, and community members can submit their questions or provide feedback through March 1. The Board will introduce the Permanent Superintendent in mid-March of 2022.