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OP-ED: Grassroots Organizers Should Be Celebrated in Georgia’s 95% Voter Registration Rate

By Tamieka Atkins, Executive Director, ProGeorgia The recent release of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s biennial report brought welcome news that 95% of Georgia’s voting-eligible population is currently...

California Women Go to “WAR” in Support of Gov. Newsom

By Antonio Ray Harvey, California Black Media A broad coalition of California women are banding together to support Gov. Gavin Newsom as he fights...

Domestic Violence Groups Praise Gov’s Budget, But Ask for More Funding

Quinci LeGardye | California Black Media Domestic violence (DV) advocates in California are praising Gov. Gavin Newsom for allocating $100 million in the 2021-22...

PRESS ROOM: Leading CEOs Champion Equity for the Black Community in Accessing COVID-19 Vaccines

Led by a diverse group of Black CEOs, this initiative gathers resources from respected and trusted community and business leaders, health professionals and public officials to ensure that accurate and transparent information about the COVID-19 vaccine is available to Black Americans. Our country’s long history of unethical medical practices in the Black community has increased distrust around medical science and may contribute to hesitancy among Black Americans to take the vaccine.