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Jury awards $26M in damages for Unite the Right violence

By Denise Lavoie, Associated Press Legal Affairs Writer A jury ordered 17 white nationalist leaders and organizations to pay more than $26 million in damages...
A car drives into a mass of protestors.

Woman Recalls Total ‘Terror’ of Charlottesville Car Attack

By Denise Lavoie, AP Legal Affairs Writer A woman who was pushed out of the way as a car slammed into counter-protesters at a 2017...

Twitter’s Blue Verification Mark: Does Platform Ignore Black Press and Embrace White Media?

While almost every white-owned media outlet carries the blue verification badge provided to Twitter users to recognize their credibility, authenticity, and public interest, the...

COMMENTARY: The Sin, Hypocrisy and Racism of White Privilege

Had Senator Hillary Clinton won in 2008 and served two terms, the GOP would have nominated, and possibly elected, former Governor Jeb Bush or Governor John Kasich or even Senator Ted Cruz in 2016. But not Donald Trump. He would have been laughed off the stage as an illiterate, racist and unqualified joke.