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Warnock and Ossoff Wins in Georgia Have Biden and Democrats Feeling ‘Peachy’

Following a near-decade war against the Voting Rights Act and the undisputable suppression of hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of African American Democratic votes, Republicans lost the White House and the Senate, in large part, because traditionally red states like Georgia flipped.

What’s Left of Confederate Monuments in California

By Elizabeth Castillo As the U.S. reckons once again with racial inequities, it’s triggered a new round of calls to remove statues and monuments idolizing...

Scrubbing California Landmarks of Racist Symbols — And The Word “Negro”

By Antonio Ray Harvey and Manny Otiko | California Black Media This past weekend, the Mississippi Legislature approved the removal of the Confederate battle emblem...

Thousands of Police Officers Outed in Slew of Racist Facebook Posts

By Stacy M. Brown Far too many law enforcement officers – from rookies to the highest ranking – view African Americans as “dogs,” and some...

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