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Fewer Black Kids Getting Flu Shots, Worrying CDC Officials

By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer NEW YORK (AP) _ More Americans have been getting flu shots this year, apparently heeding the advice of health...

Death of Black Doctor from COVID-19 Sets Off Alarms

Dr. Susan Moore’s Facebook live post received wide attention and a lengthy segment on Roland Martin Unfiltered on December 23. Dr. Moore knew what to ask for as she was being treated for coronavirus and strongly felt she was not receiving the best treatment.

Design Work On County Southeastern Live Well Center Resumes

The County of San Diego, along with PCL Construction Services, Inc. and architects Steinberg Hart, are revising the Southeastern Live Well Center project. The new...

Francine Maxwell, SD NAACP’s Newly Elected President

By Latanya West, Managing Editor Francine Maxwell was recently elected as the new President of the NAACP San Diego Branch. The branch is set to...

Prana Wellness Profile

By LJ Maull Getting up and moving your body is just as important in the workplace as it is off the clock. That’s what Stephanie...

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