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Sole Black GOP U.S. Senator Declares “America Not a Racist,” Many Disagree

By Lauren Victoria Burke, NNPA Newswire Contributor “Hear me clearly: America is not a racist country,” said South Carolina Republican Tim Scott, the only African...

First Black Male Valedictorian at Oakland Tech Accepted at 11 Universities

By Lauren Victoria Burke, NNPA Newswire Contributor An A student at Oakland Technical High School with a 4.7 grade point average is set to become the...

Kiki Shepard Showed The World That Black Is Beautiful

Despite many hosting changes, Kiki Shepard remained the face of “Showtime at the Apollo” for 15 years. By Percy Lovell Crawford During the late 1980s, there...

‘Twenty Pearls’ AKA Documentary Shows the Vision and Impact of Black College Women

Executive Producer and Alpha Kappa Alpha member Kimberly Esmond Adams believes anytime is the right time to tell this type of American story. “This story talks about the role that a group of college women, who were still finding their way in the world, yet were intelligent enough to understand that the world was bigger than them and they could do something concrete to make it better for everyone.”

President Bill Clinton: ‘Vernon Jordan Was in the Freedom Business’

Biden says he knew the 'Soul of America' By Hamil R. Harris Vernon Eulion Jordan Jr., a titan of the Civil Rights moment, who rose from...

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