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After Rapper Launches Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaccine Rant, Black Doctors Speak Out

By Lauren Victoria Burke, NNPA Newswire Contributor In a culture that worships celebrities and amplifies their words and actions, the coronavirus pandemic has presented an...

COVID 19: My Personal Battle from a Positive to a Negative Result

Jeffrey L. Boney Shares His Story about Surviving the Coronavirus and Dealing with the Emotional and Mental Anguish of the Journey to Overcome the...

PRESS ROOM: Leading CEOs Champion Equity for the Black Community in Accessing COVID-19 Vaccines

Led by a diverse group of Black CEOs, this initiative gathers resources from respected and trusted community and business leaders, health professionals and public officials to ensure that accurate and transparent information about the COVID-19 vaccine is available to Black Americans. Our country’s long history of unethical medical practices in the Black community has increased distrust around medical science and may contribute to hesitancy among Black Americans to take the vaccine.

Family Health Centers of San Diego’s ‘WHITE COATS FOR BLACK LIVES’

Family Health Centers of San Diego’s ‘WHITE COATS FOR BLACK LIVES’ Voice & Viewpoint Newswire Photo credit: Family Health Centers of San Diego Last Friday, June...