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Calif’s AB 5 Contractor Law Could Soon Become National Standard

Quinci LeGardye | California Black Media The national equivalent of California’s controversial AB 5 labor law is making its way through the United States Congress....

Congresswoman Stacey E. Plaskett Reveals New Details of Trump’s Insurrection Role

While the violent mob of insurrectionists were storming the U.S. Capitol, leaving death and destruction in their wake, President Donald Trump telephoned several Congress members urging them to illegally overturn the election so that he can remain in office, Congresswoman Plaskett pronounced. The disgraced, two-time impeached President refused to call off his mob of supporters as they rummaged through the offices of Senate and House members, defaced the Capitol, and caused the death of a federal police officer and four others.

House Speeding to Impeach Trump for Capitol ‘Insurrection’

By LISA MASCARO, BILL BARROW and MARY CLARE JALONICK Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) _ Poised to impeach, the House sped ahead with plans to oust...

CBC Fights to Preserve Voting Rights

By Stacy M. Brown Special to the NNPA from the Washington Informer Voting rights continues to be the most pressing issue facing the Congressional Black Caucus,...