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COMMENTARY: Obama’s Popularity Continues to Rise Amid Trump’s Rhetoric

“The inepter Trump becomes; the more people will forget what they didn’t like about Obama. And for those of us who loved Obama, seeing...

2020 Commencements ft. Barack Obama

A. Haynes | Voice & Viewpoint Can’t get enough Obama? Bummed about the non-graduations for 2020? Just don’t have any plans on Saturday, May 16th?...

IN MEMORIAM: Civil Rights Giant Rev. Joseph Lowery of Alabama, Dies at 98

A fighter for human rights, voting rights and the rights of African Americans in a nation with 300 years of systematic racism against Blacks...

COMMENTARY: Hate and Horror — When Does It Stop?

By Julianne Malveaux, NNPA Newswire Contributor As strange as it seems, I now view the Bush years with nostalgia. Both Big Bush (POTUS 41) and...

Can Obama Initiatives Elevate Black Achievement in Age of Higher Education Standards?

Educators must find ways to help underperforming students thrive under Common Core.

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