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Black Unemployment Increases as California Job Market Recovers 

Bo Tefu | California Black Media There has been a gradual increase in the unemployment rate among Blacks Californians despite an overall improvement in the state’s...

New Benefits for Unemployed Californians in Biden’s American Rescue Plan

Quinci LeGardye | California Black Media When President Biden signed the country’s third federal COVID-19 stimulus package with direct payments to individuals into law on...

Newsom Wants Extra $600 Stimulus for Low-Wage Californians

The governor proposes a $600 stimulus for low-income Californians on top of the recent federal stimulus aid. He also wants to extend California’s eviction moratorium, which is currently set to expire Jan. 31.

Nation’s Stormy Politics Could Unsettle California Recall

Nation's stormy politics could unsettle California recall By MICHAEL R. BLOOD, AP Political Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) _ California may become the next testing ground for...

Women More Likely to Face Housing Insecurity in Pandemic-Led Recession

NNPA Press Room Dubbed the “she-cession,” women face disproportionate housing impacts due to unemployment, housing tenure and childcare. Unemployment claims for women were up 1,368...

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