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Kamala Harris Set to Become First Woman Vice President in American History

Manny Otiko | California Black Media This Wednesday, when Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor swears in former California Sen. Kamala Harris as vice president, she...

EXPLAINER: Who Has Been Charged in The Deadly Capitol Riot?

ALANNA DURKIN RICHER | Associated Press with Michael Balsamo | Associated Press Dozens of people have already been arrested and prosecutors across the U.S. have vowed to...

VIDEO: New Security State Headed to Washington Following Deadly U.S. Capitol Siege

Edited by Claire Swift and David Martosko | Zenger News WASHINGTON — Among the acting secretary of Homeland Security’s final acts in office was an...

COMMENTARY: D.C. Officials, Feds Tracking Credible Inauguration Day Threats

There is a growing belief that outgoing President Donald Trump, whose rhetoric fueled the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, will encourage his supporters...

While Some Minority Students and Teachers Thrive in Distant Learning, Others Struggle Daily

“There’s a bunch of research about the value add of Black teachers in school. It turns out that Black teachers help all students to perform better,” says Sekou Biddle, the Vice President of Advocacy and Student Professional Development Programs at the United Negro College Fund. “White students perform better too. When Black people do well, everyone does well. The problem is that when others do well without us doing well, they leave us behind,” concluded Biddle, who leads advocacy efforts to ensure that more African American students will be college-ready and better prepared to enroll in and complete college.

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