Thanksgiving with Caution & Helping Others


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

Normally, Thanksgiving would be every family’s effort to live up to the Hallmark commercials we see each year on television; the one with the full table and everyone gathering around with laughter. While a great number of us reach out to others with free meals for the homeless, turkey giveaways and a desire to share; many of those who are without the Hallmark meal feel depression as they focus on what they don’t have. This year, our focus should truly be one of Thanksgiving for those of us who are well and a time of caution, as well as a time of prayer, for all those who are either sick with this virus or have already lost loved ones. This should truly be an occasion to heed the directives of wearing a mask, social distancing and the washing of hands at the very least. But, these things are not as much of a challenge as the suggestion that we celebrate the holiday with those in our immediate household and “Zoom” other family members.

The Voice & Viewpoint appreciates your continued support. We realize that much of our community is among those considered “high risk”. Without the availability of the pending vaccines, our personal caution and observance of suggested behavior such as mentioned here remains our number one personal defense. Please remain safe and prayerful for others, and this too shall pass. Have a thankful and thoughtful Thanksgiving.

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