The Fourth City Council District and Redistricting


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

By now, most of us know that the 10 year census completed last year has now provided information for redistricting in the state, the counties and the cities in California. As a result of population loss, California will lose one congressional seat and all electoral districts in the state will be redrawn. To accomplish this process, the state has created Commissions on Redistricting at the State, County and Municipal levels. This means that the County of San Diego as well as the City of San Diego have to redraw their electoral districts so that each one reflects one ninth of the cities total population, since there are presently nine districts.

For the Fourth City Council District, there were a number of losses ten years ago as communities like Mount Hope were removed and placed in the newly created Ninth District. With the loss of thousands more residents in the last ten years, the District could be even more severely impacted. This Saturday, the Black American Political Action Council (BAPAC) is discussing these issues with some of those involved in this process. It is hoped that you will get involved in this meeting by Zoom, if you are a resident of the Fourth District and concerned about this issue. The Voice & Viewpoint will provide an eBlast and mail out to support this meeting on our website as of Friday, September 17th. We urge you to get involved.

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