The Good Among Us in the Midst of COVID-19


By Dr. John E. Warren Publisher

Last week there were many food giveaways throughout the San Diego community as many people rallied to help friends, neighbors and strangers in need of food. This week there was another such event at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Improvement. It was heartwarming to see the army of volunteers creating bags of food which included canned goods, fruits and vegetables. The bags were passed out to a motorcade of some 200 plus families that drove by the distribution points where families popped open their trunks or unlocked the back door of their vehicles as a volunteer placed the bags of food which, as a precaution, could not be handed to the individuals in the cars.

What made this even more heartwarming was the fact that so much of it was done in the rain, as bags were handed from tables under tents to the people placing them in the cars. The rule was: one food hand out per vehicle, no questions asked, just a request that each car pull forward for the next person in the row. This event lasted for an hour and a half, the length of time it took to reach the end of the line.

Volunteers came from My Brother’s Keeper and Paving Greater Futures, the Jacobs Center, who provided the location, and a number of brothers and sisters from the community who just wanted to help in the midst of a problem. All will be there for the next event which has already been scheduled. Following the day’s event, some elderly persons had bags delivered to them since they could not come out.

The lines will continue to grow. If you ask the ones making it happen, you would find that they are as glad to help as the recipients getting the food. These are the things that make us a community, and these are the stories that too often are omitted, but not today.

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