THE OLD GLOBE Announces ONLINE THEATRE PROGRAMS to Connect with Our Community in These Unprecedented Times


The Old Globe Arts Engagement - Rehearsal for Celebrating Community Voices at Powers New Voices Festival 2020

Special Message from the Old Globe

New Interactive ONLINE THEATRE PROGRAMS Announced!:

 Playwriting Workshop COMMUNITY VOICES and Theatrical Workshop BEHIND THE CURTAIN

Based on Artistic Director BARRY EDELSTEIN’s Book Thinking Shakespeare 

an Exploration of Shakespeare’s Plays with Globe Artists and Actors

Today, March 26, 2020, The Old Globe announced its commitment to keep our community connected to the arts during the Coronavirus emergency.  

Here is their message to you:

The Old Globe believes that theatre matters, now more than ever, and we are determined to continue to serve the public through theatre art. We are developing plans to support and maintain valued connections with those searching for meaning and entertainment in the arts. 

Although our campus is dark, we are aware of the hunger for artistic content and continued personal growth, so our staff has been planning ways to offer some of our programs online for free, part of The Old Globe’s ongoing commitment to serve the public good by providing programs that make theatre matter to more people.

The Globe will transition our existing groundbreaking work in diverse arts engagement programs developed with our Community Partner venues onto our online platforms. 

In addition to these initial offerings, conversations are taking place and plans are evolving for exciting additional online content from past Globe artists and upcoming productions. Check in for exciting new content on our social media platforms, and check our website and emails for future institutional news.

All programs are first come, first served, subject to interactive class limits. They include:

Community Voices is a series of free online workshops dedicated to the process of creating short plays inspired by personal experiences. Everyone in the online-platform community is encouraged to participate. This is a beginner-level course where no experience is required, only the desire to learn and share their own stories. Participants will join Arts Engagement Programs Manager and Globe-commissioned playwright Katherine Harroff and two Teaching Artists/actors for free hour-long online playwriting workshops for nine weeks, in which we will offer discussions with participatory opportunities and online material to download.

Start date: Thursday, March 26, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday for nine weeks

Where: Facebook Live on our new arts engagement Facebook page: The Old Globe Arts Engagement

Behind the Curtain is a free, online series of workshops offering a chance to explore the magic of creating a theatrical production. Interactive and live-streamed, the workshops with industry professionals offer viewers a different design discipline each week, including costumes, sets, sound, lighting, and props. Guest artists, along with host and Arts Engagement Programs Manager Laura Zablit, will provide unique insight and hands-on activities teaching the principles of design and practical and transferable skills. Viewers will also have a chance to ask questions of a real industry professional. Workshops are standalone offerings, join at any point in the series to deepen your connection and understanding of theatre. Intended for adults 18 and up, and theatre-enthused preteens and teens.

Start date: Wednesday April 1, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

When: Every Wednesday for six weeks (time subject to change, please watch our website)

Where: Facebook Live on our new arts engagement Facebook page: The Old Globe Arts Engagement

Thinking Shakespeare Live: Sonnets! is a half-hour, “social-distance” version of Thinking Shakespeare Live! which will introduce the sonnets and then delve into one masterpiece of the form, exploring its language and how it works, and how it relates to Shakespeare’s work for the stage. For many San Diegans, their ability to understand and appreciate the wonders of William Shakespeare (our premiere resident playwright) has increased exponentially since they joined us for Thinking Shakespeare Live! In this lively behind-the-scenes program, Edelstein, called by NPR “one of the country’s leading Shakespeareans,” provides audiences a unique opportunity to learn the methods he imparts to professional actors in the rehearsal room. Get a look at the creative process and a primer on the tools used to hear and understand Shakespeare. 

When: Tuesday, March 31, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Facebook Live on The Old Globe’s Facebook page 

On Book: The Old Globe’s Shakespeare Reading Group is a free online group offering a chance to explore Shakespeare’s plays with other audience members as well as Globe artists and actors. Online Q&A and live-streamed discussion meetings with Shakespeare scholars and actors allow audiences to read and discuss Shakespeare’s plays, beginning with The Taming of the Shrew and Henry V. Guest artists will join the Globe’s Literary Manager and Dramaturg Danielle Mages Amato for an interactive exploration of the plays and how they make their way from page to stage. Intended for adults ages 18 and up, and enthusiastic preteens and teens.

Start date: Thursday April 2, 12:00 noon

When: Every Monday and Thursday (time subject to change, please watch our website)

Where: Facebook Live on The Old Globe’s On Book Facebook group page

“Theatre endures, even in the most challenging circumstances,” said Erna Finci Viterbi Artistic Director Barry Edelstein. “I’m so proud of our staff, whose hard work and endless creativity have developed ways for us to bring our work to San Diego and beyond. Personally: a great mentor of mine taught me that there’s no problem in this world that can’t be eased at least a little by having some Shakespeare thrown at it, so I’m raring to go. We all look forward to seeing you, at least virtually, very soon.”

Director of Arts Engagement Freedome Bradley-Ballentine, added, “Since its inception, the Globe has been a vital gathering place to offer comfort, discuss big ideas, and entertain. Whether on Broadway, in prisons, or at senior centers, we are dedicated to the public good. It is our responsibility to be responsive to our community, to make theatre that matters, and to offer people who depend on the Globe a place to gather, connect, share their stories, and not feel alone.”

All community-based programming run by the Globe’s Department of Arts Engagement in partnership with neighborhood not-for-profit and other organizations has been temporarily suspended, or, where possible, will be conducted online. Both The Old Globe Classical Directing Fellowship and the Globe Guilders/Neiman Marcus Celebrating Couture 2020 fashion show fundraiser will be rescheduled for later this year. Please stay tuned!


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