By Chida R. Darby

Whenever “Take Me to the King” plays, many are ready to head to the nearest altar for a time of repentance; and when most see “Mr. Brown” with those ashy knees, they know they’re about to enter into a moment of pure hysteria from laughing. David and Tamela Mann have been in the homes and hearts of many, over the years – Tamela with her throne room vocals, and David with his gut busting humor, have brought us to tears and laughs.

On September 17th, the Manns’ will be hitting the stage in San Diego, presenting their “Manns Family World Tour”.  In a recent interview with The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, David Mann briefly shared some insight into the show. “Whether you’re 1 or 101, there’s something for everyone,” he said.  The idea for this tour came out a thought Mann had, in regards to doing something with his family. “I spend a lot of time with my family – it’s almost dysfunctional how much time we spend together,” he laughed. They brainstormed, picked a few dates and the show was born. Mann says that people have been trying to figure out what it is, asking ‘Is it a Gospel Show, a Comedy Show, a Family Reunion?’ “It’s a family variety show experience,” he said. “When you’re done I pray that you leave saying ‘I had a great time’.”

But way before the movies, the national tours and the fame, David was a young man simply trying to find his way. “I was a angry guy,” he shared. “That’s the story of a lot comedians. They have that knack to make people laugh because they’ve dealt with so much pain.” As a child, he saw a lot of unfavorable things, but was determined that his life and what he offered weren’t going to reflect the negative things he had experienced.

Exit anger – enter comedy, but ministry

Often ministry is only seen as what someone does over a pulpit, with many individuals discounting the other ways in which God is able to speak through and to people. David found early on that his ministry tool was making people laugh. “I’ve always wanted to do what the Lord has given me to do,” he said. But he realized that the way he was to do ministry was different than the way he’d seen others do it.  “Us in the church, we think that people are [only] anointed to sing or preach, but God has given me a gift to make people laugh,” and that he has truly done! From being featured in a host of Tyler Perry productions, i.e. stage plays, movies and sitcoms, Mann’s God-given talent has taken him and his wife far.   “I’ve always wanted to do what the Lord has given me to do,” but he adds that most days he still can’t believe how far God has brought them.  “It’s just one of those things you never take for granted – just where we are, it’s like wow! This is incredible! If I’m dreaming or sleeping, don’t wake me up.”  While life for the Manns’ hasn’t always been a crystal stair, he does share that if he could chat with his 18 year old self, “I’d tell him to get rid of the anger. It’s going to be ok. All things will work together for the good.”

When it comes to the love of his life, Tamela, David shares that “There’s no me really, without her there on the stage. It would be weird if we weren’t working together,” primarily because they’ve been in the industry together for over 20 years. “If you got her then I was coming along, and if got me then she was coming along. The best way to keep both of us happy is to put us together,” he shared.  David said he never wants people to look at he and his wife and say “There’s a perfect marriage,” but what he does want them to say is “Wow there’s a work in progress.”

In regards to Sunday night’s show, Mann says that they are truly looking forward to it. “I still get nervous before every show. I never want to take the gift that He’s given us for granted. I never want to get in that mindset. I appreciate the fact that He keeps me humble in this gift.”  To check get your tickets visit

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