50 Cent Issues Warning To Former Employee Who Stole $2 Million

Don't mess with this man's money


50 Cent in 2018 / Wikimedia Commons

By J. Bachelor, Black America Web

If it’s one thing 50 Cent doesn’t play about it’s his money. This is why he’s now threatening to seize the home, bank accounts, and cars of a former employee who stole around $2 MILLION DOLLARS from 50’s liquor brand, Branson Cognac.

Manhattan Federal Court records say, Mitchell Green, the former Brand Management director, had been “embezzling” upwards of $2 million from the company until he was caught in 2020. Green must now pay $2.7 million in attorney fees and other costs, bringing his grand total owed up to $6.2 million.

From HipHopDX:

The documents also show Green only confessed to the scheme in February 2020 after an outside party began extorting him and threatened to expose him. Sire Spirits fired him and took him to arbitration, where an arbitrator found him liable for all the money he stole, along with another $948,096 he paid to a wholesaler.

Let this be a lesson to you out there, don’t mess with 50’s cash because he’s coming back for everything you took plus more.


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