African American Women’s Association Awards Local Scholarships


NCAAWA scholarship award recipients. Photo credit

NCAAWA partnered with North Island Credit Union to help local women 

By Voice & Viewpoint Newswire

North Island Credit Union has provided four $2,500 college scholarships to local students in partnership with the North County African American Women’s Association (NCAAWA), a non-profit volunteer organization located in North San Diego County. The North Island Credit Union Scholarships were awarded through the NCAAWA’s Scholarship Program, created to assist young African American women in acquiring higher education from an academic institution. 

North Island Credit Union Scholarship recipients through the NCAAWA Program include:

  • San Diego State University student Shaylee Anderson, an Oceanside resident, majoring in Communications, with a minor in Digital and Media Studies.
  • Lena McEachern, a 2021 graduate of El Camino High School in Oceanside.
  • Anna Kaye Powell, a current San Diego State University student from Oceanside, majoring in Accounting.
  • San Marcos resident Arianna White, who is pursuing a degree in a STEM-related field at Harvard University.

 “We are excited to expand the credit union’s 2021 Scholarship Program to make an even greater impact through our partnership with North County African American Women’s Association,” said North Island Credit Union CEO Steve O’Connell. “We applaud all the work the organization is doing to empower young women in our community and to provide an essential support network. We congratulate these exceptional students, and wish them much success in their college career and beyond.”

The North Island Credit Union Scholarships, along with all of the NCAAWA 2021 scholarships, were presented during its 2021 Virtual Culminating Scholarship Award Celebration on June 29th. “Thankfully, the nearly $40,000 sustained NCAAWA’s commitment to its youth and young adults,” said NCAAWA President Linda Berry. “COVID indeed challenged each of us to share ideas, innovations and community partnerships differently. We thank our community partners for helping us to overcome obstacles, to improve the lives of so many women in North County.”

Through its annual scholarship program, North Island Credit Union has worked to support the educational goals of outstanding students within its local communities since 2005. The credit union’s partnership with NCAAWA expands its educational assistance to specifically support North County female students of African American descent. The credit union is also providing financial literacy training for upper class high school girls in NCAAWA’s Global Ambassadors Mentoring Program. The NCAAWA Vision is to provide a support network through education, health awareness, and life skills programs for women and girls in North San Diego County. To date, the organization has provided over $290,000 in scholarship awards and grants to help young women further their education.


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