By Edward Henderson

Do you believe in love at first sight? The moment when a complete stranger catches more than your gaze when your eyes meet. A stirring magnetism of the soul that tells you everything in your life has been leading to this one encounter and your life will never be the same. Yeah, that feeling. Playwright Tamera Hill is not just a believer of this phenomenon, she’s captured its essence in her latest stage play ‘The Soul Mate Experiment.’

Chicago is the scene of the crime. Two people meet, steal each other’s hearts and fall in love with the idea of marriage. What this play highlights, however, are the humorous moments and things that can go wrong while they’re getting to know each other.

Beverly Taylor

Beverly Taylor

Hill, a Columbus, Ohio native, has been writing plays for 11 years. The Soul Mate Experiment marks her seventh stage play and will be the first in her ‘Grown Folk Theatre’ series focusing on relationships. Creating characters has been a passion of Hill’s since she was a child, but it wasn’t until she was pregnant with her first that writing became more than just a hobby.

“Writing makes me happy,” Hill said. “When I write a script, I’m living inside of the script with the characters. I feel what they feel sometimes. When I’m writing I cry and I laugh. It’s what I’m purposed to do in life.”

Hill has assembled a colorful cast of characters who are excited to bring out the emotions of her layered script. Wrekless Watson portrays Vincent, one of the star struck lovers.

“To bring words to life is a skill set in itself. To bring wonderfully written words to life is a joy,” Watson said.

The potential success of a production is heightened when there is a genuine connection amongst the players. Ashley Taylor (Angie) has felt a family vibe since the team was assembled.

Cerissa McQueen

Cerissa McQueen

“After a long day of work I look forward to coming and being in this atmosphere with them because they’re uplifting to the spirit,” Taylor said.

The questions still remains. Do you believe in love at first sight? Perhaps you’ll find an answer opening night for The Soul Mate Experiment on Saturday, February 13th at the Lyceum Theatre. But if you need some more food for thought, savor Hill’s definition of what a soulmate is in her opinion.

“A soulmate is someone you have a very deep connection with. It is not always easily explained. It is somewhat divine. Acceptance with no judgement. It is the meeting of the mind, heart, body and soul on the highest of levels. A soulmate is when you love an imperfect person, perfectly.”