Chollas View United Methodist Church Feeding


Staff Writer, Voice & Viewpoint
Photos by Voice & Viewpoint

The Chollas View United Methodist Church started its Food Pantry in April of 2017. Since then, it has been a labor of love for the entire church and those who work as volunteers in the Pantry want to be sure that the entire church gets credit for its effort. Chollas View has partnered with the San Diego Food Bank and is now doing food distribution the first Saturday and the 3rd Friday of each month. Some two hundred are receiving food at the walk up distribution on the 3rd Friday and up to 300 on the drive-thru.

They are lovingly called “Rose and Marty,” but this couple is the heart of the food drive along with about 10 faithful volunteers who spend hours each month transforming the stacks of food pictured here into the loving care packages given to those who come by.

Myisha Gildon is one of the non church member volunteers who helps out each month. She says, “Because they needed the help and I have the time. It’s a real joy working with everyone.” The church is located on the corner of 47th Street and Hilltop across from Gompers Preparatory Academy where the drive-thru is done on the first Saturday of each month. Let’s keep them in our prayers.

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