Chuck D’s New Culture Media App Brings the Noise for Users

The new app dropped this month and is about “less of what they want where you can create more of what you want,” Chuck declared.


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By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent

With beta testing completed, Bring the Noise is now in full effect.
Public Enemy, founder and legendary MC Chuck D, has fronted the release of a new culture media app called Bring the Noise.

“It’s a flow in its usage like a billion other apps,” Chuck promised in an impromptu 45-minute interview with the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s live morning show, Let It Be Known.

“This is just dedicated to culture. To the F.A.M. – Film, Art, and Music.”
As noted by, Chuck D’s app should come as no surprise, considering how adamantly he has pushed for Hip Hop to have a board dedicated to sorting out the needs of the culture.

The website noted that, in July 2022, Chuck D, KRS-One, Kurtis Blow, and Doug E. Fresh teamed up to establish the Hip Hop Alliance.

In January, the alliance issued a statement in response to Bow Wow claiming Hip Hop needs a “board” to discuss cultural happenings.

“Like every other aspect of society’s workforce, the artists and creators of hip-hop need protection, support, and advocacy,” read the statement.
“From label disputes to intellectual property retrieval and the need for an overall governing body, the Hip Hop Alliance was established.

“Recent comments this weekend created a unique opportunity to bring forth a conversation that many in hip-hop & R&B have been addressing for a long time.
“The need for a governing body for hip-hop. H.H.A. aims to empower artists to make informed decisions about their career and ensure that their rights are respected and protected.”

A Long Island, New York native, Chuck D counts among hip-hop’s trailblazers. Born Carlton Douglas Ridenour, Chuck D attended Adelphi University in New York.
That’s where he met his would-be Public Enemy co-star, Flavor Flav. The group’s hit albums included “Yo! Bum Rush the Show,” “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back,” and “Fear of a Black Planet.”

Public Enemy also contributed to the soundtrack of Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” and “He Got Game,” which starred Denzel Washington.
The new app dropped this month and is about “less of what they want where you can create more of what you want,” Chuck declared.

“History will be made for culture media being greater than social media,” he asserted.
While all ages are welcome and encouraged, the targeted demographic remains those 35 and older.

“With ‘Bring the Noise,’ we’re not telling anyone to leave social media,” Chuck exclaimed. “This is culture media. You might not know me, but you definitely don’t know those people you checked ‘I accept’ to.”

The hip-hop legend added that social media has “everybody in a sandbox.”
“Not saying people can’t say or do whatever,” Chuck explained.
“One thing that culture media does is the music, the craft, and the art, and it’s not uninviting to 35 and under if you want to give it a name, figure, or number. It engages a conversation in a room that just keeps it to the art and culture, and that’s what it is.”

Chuck concluded:
“I just think social media’s all over the place. Everybody feels like they have a mic and a camera and are a superstar, so I’m just like, ‘Cool, stay there if you want to,’ but you could go to”