Councilmember Montgomery’s First 100 Days


Voice & Viewpoint Staff Writer

Photos: Darrel Wheeler

Wednesday, March 20 Fourth District San Diego City Councilmember Montgomery held an unprecedented community meeting on her first 100 days in office. The meeting was held at the Skyline Library with more than 200 members of the community in attendance. It was billed as a one hour meeting in which Councilmember Montgomery presented a 25 page report. Her report included not only the introduction of her staff and their areas of responsibility, but also a statement of her policy on meetings with members of the community and her efforts to overcome the office which she inherited without records or existing community concerns. She identified her committee assignments beyond Chair of the Public Safety and Liable Neighborhood Committee.

She expressed her commitment to not just sitting on the dias of the city council but also creating policies. She addressed several key “pillars” of her commitment: Police Reform; Economic Opportunity for all; an Employment Opportunity Outreach Program Compliance Audit; Safe and Healthy Communities, including senior services; quality middle income and affordable housing; maintenance and repair of streets and focusing on neighborhood codes. She spoke of the groundbreaking for the Bay Terraces Senior Center which has been a long time coming.

Following a presentation of what has been or is being done on these and a number of other issues on her plate, the councilmember took questions from the public. She was also accompanied by the City Council President, Georgette Gomez, which made a statement of the support that Montgomery enjoys going into her office.

Her views, energy, staff and statement of what is being done was energizing. It looks like a very exciting year. One can only hope that the community rises to the occasion and supports her all the way.


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