Councilmembers Gomez & Montgomery: Joint Statement Calls for Peace & Community Trust in Wake of Local Protests


San Diego Councilmember Monica Montgomery said:
“Our nation has reached a historic crossroad, with a resolve that is being echoed
across our region, and here in our city.

“As elected officials, we have the collective responsibility to call for peace. However,
we must also address both the root cause of the unrest – the inequity in
enforcement, and the root of the larger issue – the systemic racism that is prevalent
in our nation.

“My office will work diligently with the Mayor’s Office and the San Diego Police
Department to announce crucial policy changes and champion the need for true
police reform that fully encompasses transparency and accountability. We ask for
the community’s trust and patience, as we work to respond to the demands of the
peaceful protestors and work to restore trust in community policing.”

San Diego City Council President Georgette Gómez said:

“In San Diego and across this country, people of color are rising up in frustration
and anger. We have been here before, far too many times – and we are tired of
protesting the systemic racism that exists in police departments and other
institutions. We’re tired of demanding justice.

“I am committed to taking action, exploring all opportunities to protect our
communities of color, and ensuring that all San Diegans are treated with dignity
and respect. I am monitoring events that are taking place downtown today, and I
am working closely with Councilmember Montgomery and Mayor Faulconer – we
will be making an announcement on action tomorrow.”

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