In Our Latest Issue: Preventing the Fall of America


By Dr. John E. Warren

As we have celebrated the birthday and contribution of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., one has to be concerned about the America that has inherited his dream. There is a movement afoot to turn back the clock and to undo all our social gains. If it were not for the internet and the rising tide of social consciousness, we would repeat the history of so many civilizations before us that fell from within. If we allow the government shutdown to continue, we will accelerate the collapse from within.

Consider the hundreds of thousands of people now missing their second paycheck, those responsible for our nation’s’ security like the Coast Guard and TSA working without a paycheck. Food inspectors and those who inspect our airlines working without pay; national parks closed, contractors who perform vital services out of work and without means of collecting back pay because of the nature of their contracts, and air traffic controllers, like so many Americans, staying on the job out of commitment to this great nation, in spite of the financial hardships. Consider the mortgages, rents, loans and car payments not being made with no requirements that landlords and banks be understanding and extend grace periods for repayment. The 38 million persons receiving food stamps who are at risk of no food while many good hearted Americans are creating food pantries to help their neighbors. The homeless, once marked by many, are now on the verge of having company as thousands of persons could lose their federal housing assistance for rents. And now we see that even the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations within the Department of Justice) employees are at risk to lose their health insurance coverage if payments are not restored soon………

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