Jay Z pulls all his music from Apple and Spotify, appears on new Frank Ocean track


The Grio

Jay-Z has pulled his solo music from Apple and Spotify.

According to Spotify, the removal was “at the request of the artist,” though that’s hardly surprising. This is not the first time that Jay Z has pulled his music from the steaming services, since he had pulled his debut album, Reasonable Doubtfrom all streamingservices except for Tidal after Tidal’s launch. Then, last year, Jay Z removed his Blueprint series as well.

However, for this removal, most of his music, barring Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint, is still available on Google Play Music.

Additionally, his collaborative works, such as those with R. Kelly and Linkin Park, will remain on the streaming services.

Which is great timing, considering he has a new collaborative work that recently dropped. Frank Ocean just dropped “Biking” on his radio show, featuring Jay Z, riding on the heels of another surprise release, this one of “Chanel,” also on the radio show.

It’s not clear for Ocean if that means a new album is in the works or not, but either way, we’re excited about the new music!

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