Lamplighters 8th Annual Scholarship Recipients


Article and photos courtesy of Lamplighters

Lamplighters 8th Annual Scholarship senior awards and plaques recipients are: Madison Brown, Eastlake High attending UCLA, Jamie Guzman, Kearny High attending San Diego State, Iverson R. Harding, SCPA, attending Cornish College of the Arts and Cameron Monroe, Helix Charter attending North Carolina A&T.

Marcus Brady Jr., Foundation (Morse High Alumni) continues to give back to the community by providing female and male Athletes of the Year Scholarships and plaques from local high schools.

Recipients from Crawford: Tina Tran, Byaombe Mioko; from Lincoln High: Terriana Tanner, Curon Brown; from Morse High: Myra Johnson, Michael Malauulu; from San Diego High: Charlize James and James Amare Ary.

Congratulations to all recipients.  Education is the window to the world, Thank you for supporting Lamplighters in furthering the education of local high school students.  With your support local high school students have completed their goals of achieving higher education.

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