Limited Reopening of Neighborhood Parks


Walking the dog at the park - Gustavo Fring on Pexels

This week, on April 21st, the City of San Diego reopened a number of neighborhood, community and open space parks for passive use only. This means that parks will be available for the public to walk or jog through for exercise, but community members should not “congregate” or visit the park and stay for an extended period of time. Social distancing of 6 feet between people should still be observed.

What’s Allowed
Individual passive activities
What’s NOT Allowed
Active sports
Organised activities
Parking in Lots

Please keep in mind all pools, Rec & Senior Centers, tennis courts, golf ranges, skate parks, and joint-use areas are still closed. Leash-free areas are also closed; keep your pet on a leash at all times. Most of Balboa park is closed, especially museum and display sections. All beaches and other seaside areas are closed.

Our quick list is here:

For the full list of San Diego City parks, CLICK HERE. For parks not shown on this list, check with the appropriate governing body.

SOURCES: & the Office of Monica Montgomery (SD-d4)

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