n Memory of Lambert Taylor Jr.


In Memory of My Grandpa
A Gentle and Beautiful Soul
Lambert Taylor Jr.
4-24-37 – 2-12-15
Although it’s been 2 years since God called you to be with him, I still find myself crying a lot as I remember all the things you did for me, like teaching me to tie my tie & my shoes, how to ride a bike, silly things like sitting on the porch seeing who could spit watermelon seeds the farthest. The day you let me play hooky from school so that we could hang out (boy that was cool and I’m still making the honor roll). You saw that my needs and wants were met. I didn’t want you to leave me but that was selfish. I saw your pain, I saw your stress, so God said you’d passed your last test. He took you to the promise land, knowing on earth you made you made your last stand. Papa you’re gone but you left your legacy with me and all of the family and you will Never Be forgotten.
Much Love
Taylor Winters (grandson age 17)
AKA Your Little Sports Fan
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