Not Quite Nothing


Opening Reception 8.19.16
6 – 8 pm
Regular Admission
The San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) is pleased to present “Not Quite Nothing,” a collection of sculpture, video, installation, and performance work by local artists Don Edler, Gordon Holden, Matt Nichols, Chantal Wnuk, and SDAI artists-in-residence Brian & Ryan. “Not Quite Nothing” displays a fascination with the esoteric, the road less traveled, form versus (dis)function, and a quiet, contemporary primitive aesthetic. These artists from Southern California are all engaged in a dichotomy of seriousness and play—and at times playfulness—that is seen in work that brashly celebrates an unconventional minimalism all their own. “Not Quite Nothing” opens to the public at 6pm on Friday, August 19 at San Diego Art Institute and runs through September 22.

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