Powder Puff Football Game to Promote Empowerment and Charity


By Keith D. King

We are used to seeing men come together on Sundays for what some would see as male bonding over an intense, competitive game of football. This has been a tradition since the first ever game on the grid-iron. However, Tierica McDonald is putting together an event to empower women and to allow them to bond in the same way while giving back to their community in the process.

The event is being called the Powder Puff Flag Football game, and the proceeds from the game will go towards purchasing school supplies for kids in the community. The game will take place July 2nd at 3 P.M. food service will be provided by El Papa Tacos, with music from some of the best DJs in San Diego. Though the event is to bring the community together, everyone is invited to join the festivities. The game will feature a team from the brand Bossin’ versus a team from Walk Away No Drama Today.

“I just felt like there are a lot of strong women that enjoy some of the same things that guys are able to enjoy and bond over, so I knew that this would be a great way to empower each other, have a great time, and it still be for a great cause,” said McDonald. “As far as the proceeds going to school supplies, what better way to spend it than on education? That’s our future. Some people would call the Southeast the ghetto, but I call it home. I have seen parents not always have the money to get certain things for their kids, and this is to let them know that they aren’t alone, and that we care about the community.”

McDonald, born and raised in Southeast San Diego, always enjoyed athletics growing up and felt that this would be a good chance for women to come out and compete.

“Growing up I always was rough and playing with the boys. Then when I went to high school, I started running track so I have always been into sports, but I have always loved football. One day I put up a Facebook post saying that a bunch of us women should have a flag football game, and from there the post exploded, getting likes, shares, and comments from even people that I didn’t know saying that they would be interested in playing. That’s when I knew that this could really work. Now that’s why I always say ‘started from a post, now we’re here.’”

McDonald expressed that this isn’t a one-time event, and pending success, this would be something that would become an annual event.

“My first goal is to of course bring my community together for some positivity and unity, but this is an event where we want to see even people who aren’t from San Diego. This is an event for everyone to come out, have a good time in a comfortable environment.” McDonald added.



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