Preparing for the Coming Elections


Dr. John E. Warren

It seems that no sooner than we finish one election, another is upon us. This is the case since 2014 is the year for midterm elections to the U.S. Congress and some Senate seats since the Senate has staggered elections. It is also the year for four city council seats: 2, 4, 6, and 8 as well as the State Assembly, State Senate and the Governor’s seat. There are also judicial seats up for election and let us not forget that the city of San Diego has to fill the seat of Mayor Kevin Faulconer now that he has moved from the city council to the office of mayor.

While the primary will take place in June, campaigning is under way. The District Attorney’s position is on the ballot as well as the County Tax Collector. This means that although we have just finished a special election for Mayor, there are more candidates to come. What this means for us is that we should be thinking about all the elected positions that people supposedly represent us in and the degree to which we think our needs are being met.

There are still unmet needs in our communities. The question is, will we let people continue to talk about what needs to be done in our areas of concern or will we demand proof of something being done. Yes there are problems in education at Lincoln and Morse High Schools, but these will only be solved if personal involvement from parents and community putting collective pressure on the school system. Our School Trustee can only be as strong as the support behind her efforts; the new Mayor and new Police Chief can only be as effective as the support we give them and we must look at the city council as a whole and not just in terms of each district. We all know people who live in other districts. We should talk to each other and not act as if we are in competition with each other. Now is the time to start looking at the people in judicial seats as we only get one chance every four years to make a change.

Let’s be about the business of preparing for the future by looking very closely at who is running for office and not just what they say.