President pro Tem Monica Montgomery Steppe Issues Statement on the Passage of Draft Commission on Police Practices Ordinance


Council President pro Tem Monica Montgomery Steppe

On January 21, The Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee voted to move the Commission on Police Practices draft ordinance forward to full council.

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Council President pro Tem Monica Montgomery Steppe issues the following remarks to the Committee’s vote:

“We’ve produced a unique draft ordinance that introduces a system of checks and balances as we continue to reimagine public safety. I’m proud of the transparent process that has amplified the voices of the most impacted in our community–voices that have gone ignored for far too long,” said Council President pro Tem Monica Montgomery Steppe.

“My staff has worked tirelessly on this ordinance, spending many days and nights responding to the concerns of the advocates, community, and partners who have led the charge of this ordinance for over 30 years. My primary goal is to address those concerns transparently while prioritizing the accountability that has been historically absent in addressing our current system.

I believe this draft meets the spirit and intent of Measure B under what is legally permissible through our current state laws, penal codes, and city charters. Nonetheless, we are wholly dedicated to the community receiving justice within that, and I would not bring something forward that I did not firmly believe would facilitate the change that the community deserves.

I just want to be clear that this process is not just dependent on one piece of the puzzle; it requires a glimpse at the entire spectrum of what we must to do to reimagine public safety. As I have stated before, I am open to an evolving process, and if we do this correctly, we can ensure progression onward to justice and equity. The work does not stop here; it starts here.”

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