By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

For those of us living in the City of San Diego, there are four City Council seats up for election this year. Those are Districts 2, 4, 6, and 8 because the terms are staggered. Who you vote for is, and should be, your own personal choice. It should reflect some time and thought to those persons, regardless of how nice they seem or how well they dress or who your friends are supporting.

Each Council seat is important to all Council Districts because it is only through a majority vote that laws affecting all our lives are enacted. Our endorsements as a newspaper reflect “Our” opinion of these persons at all levels of government based on their political agendas versus our needs. Our endorsements for State and National offices appear again in this issue along with voting sites and drop boxes by zip code, with the Primary Election next Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

For San Diego City Council District 2: we recommend Lori Saldana. She has a proven track record of service. District 4: we recommend Monica Montgomery Steppe for a second term. She is President Pro Temp and should now have the clout to get more done. District 6: We recommend Tommy Hough, who has established environmental concerns, and wants more much needed public transit and housing. District 8: Antonio Martinez. We think he will be more compassionate and people-concerned than his opponent in this race.

We have no recommendation for the 80th Assembly District race. Residents should look beyond Alvarez and Gomez. Neither should represent the District based on how they have dealt with people and interests that were not their own.

Please read your ballot and vote early. If you didn’t get a ballot, go to the Registrar of Voters Offices, register and vote a “Provisional Ballot”, which will allow you to be counted after verification of your registration.

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