San Diego Unified and other districts collaborate to find solution to teacher shortage, and veteran and spouse unemployment issues


SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Unified School District is among 12 large urban school districts that are collaborating for the first time to help solve major issues—finding new sources of effective teachers and education-related support staff while providing opportunities for veterans and spouses to continue to serve in their own communities.

Large urban school districts are facing many hiring obstacles at this time – lack of diverse candidates; fewer teacher applicants and smaller substitute pools; lack of candidates for support staff jobs like bus driver, IT, diesel mechanic, security, instructional aide, food service positions.

Conversely, sequestration and drawdowns are unexpectedly forcing many military members and their spouses to leave the military to look for opportunities to work and continue to serve. They join the ever-growing number of veterans who left voluntarily and struggle to find work.

The week following Veterans Day, 12 large school districts are going to become part of the solution.

Anchorage, Dallas, Dayton, Clark County (Las Vegas), Los Angeles, Jefferson County (Louisville, KY), Miami, Milwaukee, New York City, Washoe County (Reno), San Diego, Tulsa, which are all members of the Council of Great City Schools, are joining together to bring veterans and their spouses to events around the country that illustrate all of the employment opportunities present in large urban school districts.

Eight others (Baltimore, East Rouge, Minneapolis, Orange County—Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Portland and San Francisco) are helping with the planning and will be joining in the next joint effort during the week of Memorial Day.

The San Diego event will be held on November 19, 2016, 8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. at Scripps Ranch High School, 10410 Treena Street, 92131. The San Diego Unified School District Veterans and Families Career Fair will offer veterans, active duty completing their commitment within a year, their spouses and family members opportunities to learn about careers in the field of  education. Those with college degrees who are interested in a career in teaching will be shown how to enter the classroom as fully credentialed teachers. Those who are not interested in teaching will be shown the wonderful support positions available in each participating district.

Teachers who are moving from out of state will have an opportunity to speak with staff to learn about transferring their licenses/credentials in the California system. Participants will be provided the opportunity to speak with staff to learn about the application and interview process as well as how to get hired in the district.

On-site interviews will be held for the following positions:

  • Substitute clerical positions
  • Substitute teachers

Participants who are interested in working as classroom assistants can participate in the Classroom Assistant Proficiency Exam (CAPE). The $7 fee will be waived for this event.

Participants are encouraged to register online:

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  1. The lack of teachers is a direct reflection on the value we as society have for education. Look at the republican rhetoric this past year alone. Most of the 16 presidential hopefuls sought to dismantle the education department. Beyond that…. teachers are paid laughing low at the start of their career compared to other professions. The needs for teacher is really in the fields of STEM. Why get a degree in Math or Chemistry to make $45,000 a year when you can go into engineering or biomedical and make six figures starting. Seeking to fix this problem requires more than bringing in out of state teachers, it requires education to be once again valued by our society. It requires parents to care about their children’s education. It requires parents to ask why is my child failing their class and not why is this teacher failing my child, when really your child just can’t put away their phone for 5 minutes at a time… There are so many more factors than the few mentioned in this already to long of a response that impact why we have a shortage of teachers and a society that feels education has failed them.

    • Disregard all my grammar and spelling errors. I’m not going to proof read something that’s not going to be graded….

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